Be notified when your computer wakes or sleeps.

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This is about as one-trick as it gets. Be notified on your iPhone or Apple Watch when you desktop Mac goes to sleep or wakes up. A handy little thing for power users who want to monitor their Mac when they're not behind it. Nothing more, nothing less. Great to check if the Mac runs according to the system settings. Or to be alerted when someone sits behind your Mac trying them passwords....
I see the appeal, but yeah, one-trick sums it up well. Not for me but it is cool, bc your bt or wifi will always be on if you have a Apple Watch, this is one way to utilise that. Good work
Hey everyone! Thanks for your interest in Blink. :) I'm Micah, creator of Blink; shoutout to @t55 for hunting it. I created Blink at a weekend hackathon in Zürich, Switzerland while studying abroad in Lausanne. It notifies your iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch if your Mac wakes or sleeps – no matter where you are; just be sure your devices are connected to the internet. View a working demo here: Would love to hear your feedback and answer any questions. 😊 EDIT: Notifications aren't sent over Bluetooth; they are sent over the internet, meaning you can receive updates from anywhere in the world (you only need Bluetooth to pair your device).
I love the idea of the on-off notification. It would be great to use wifi (and bluetooth both) since I'd like to get notifications from a remote location. Bluetooth is convenient, but limits the range.
@minist Bluetooth is only required for pairing. Since notifications are served over the internet, you can get notifications from a remote location. :)
@micahbenn It's great to hear that. I purchased Blink already. Thanks for your quick feedback!
@minist Awesome! Glad I can help; thanks for your support. 😊
This is not available via U.S apple app stores... :{