Wire-free smart home monitoring & alert system (pre-launch)

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It takes the camera component wireless — promising battery life of more than a year (with “standard use”; defined as 4,000 five-second events per year, or 20,000 total seconds of video recording) A secondary Sync Module device does need to be plugged in for the system to work though, and that’s presumably where the Wi-Fi radio lives, with the Blink camera (or cameras) connecting to the module via Bluetooth to keep power consumption down.The Blink camera records at 720p HD, and also includes a temperature sensor, microphone, night vision and the motion sensor so it can trigger if someone or something moves around your home when you’re not there. There’s also an LED built onto the camera — and an option recording alert noise — to make whoever is in the room aware that they are being watched. So a little less creepy spy tech. When Blink has been armed, alerts triggered by motion are sent to the corresponding app so the user can react and check up on what’s going on by looking at the Live View of their cameras. Footage of alert events is also recorded and saved to the cloud so you can check it out later.
Just an FYI that the product is now shipping and live -