Snapchat meets Tinder meets Vine. Really.

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Thomas K. RunningHunter@tkrunning · Nomad, Teleport
Btw, @Jensen2k is one of the co-founders.
Martin Jensen@jensen2k · Co-Founder of Brite
Yeah! So cool to be mentioned, if anyone have any questions, just shoot! (Btw, we're approaching 300K viewed videos now)
Thomas K. RunningHunter@tkrunning · Nomad, Teleport
This might sound like the biggest caricature of a modern day consumer app, but it's apparently taking off in parts of Europe. Can they be onto something?
Riccardo Arvizzigno@riccardoar · ex Product Hunt team
I really think that @rrhoover like it!
Shaan PuriHiring@shaanvp · ceo, Monkey Inferno
no app store reviews?