Blind speed dating over 3-minute blurred video calls ❤️

Users go on a 3-minute blurred video experience with someone random matching their criteria. Women control the blur and there are fun ice-breakers to talk about (or not). If both liked the call, a match happens. Ice-breaker done.
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Thank you to @bramk for hunting us! -- Hey Product Hunters 👋, Have you ever been on a date from one of the dating apps? Then you might have experienced a situation where the person who showed up was much older or even a completely different person than his or her profile. This happened to my cousin, where the man who showed up was about 15 years older. He had used old pictures on his profile. But that’s just one story and there are many of these. We grew tired of the sometimes fake and superficial aspect of the online dating world so my cousin’s brother (@glennkeller) and I decided to found Blindlee to make the process more transparent and safer but also fun 🎉. Blindlee makes for a fun 3-minute blurred video experience with a random person matching your criteria. It’s like a short, pre-date ice-breaker before you potentially match and decide to meet in real life. And we even put control of the blur filter into the woman’s hand to make it safer for women! We developed Blindlee ourselves and are bootstrapping it for the moment so feedback and suggestions are much appreciated! 🚀 Much love ❤️, #loveisblind, Glenn and Sacha
Best of luck Sacha, this look like a really refreshing spin on the modern day dating application 💪Excited to see what the future holds for Blindlee!
Good stuff Sacha - all the best
This looks exactly like what I would like to use if I was on the market 😁 Good job Blindlee team!
Very cool and innovative idea, much needed in the dating space today. Super excited for the Blindlee team to blow this out of the water!