Yik Yak for the workplace. Chat anonymously with your team.

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This is a really interesting concept! I assume the goal is to foster more honest feedback within an organization, which I think is definitely a positive. However, the possibility of increasing the probability of bullying in the work place is troubling. How do they plan to address that?
@spinoodle we managed to get over 800 companies overseas with some of the larger tech companies having ~95% total employee penetration on our app. I feel like we might have the right formula to keep things cool, calm, and collected.
It's like Yik Yak for the professional space.
Didn't Secret kind of have this role? We all know how that story ended...
@bryantpeng we're very different from Secret. ;)
I feel like this is gonna end badly. Anonymity in the workplace is hard. While there are lot of benefits to getting honest feedback from your team, If not done right, It can lead to harassment, public shaming and other big problems.
@tokudu the best way to get it to work is probably with some sort of moderation *maybe*
@tokudu the app is community based and it's not open to everyone to keep content and interests under control. We've also had widespread success in Asia, across all industries. Hoping to replicate that here.
This seems like a product that will end badly. Bullying, speculation, and saying disparaging things about the company can severely influence morale.
@jackbwheeler or it can go the other way. Take MSFT and their recent layoffs. People are looking for help and information during these times. The space is open for whatever the employees want to make it, but we believe that the intercompany element really helps drive a forward thinking positive/honest culture.