Blimp Journey

A beautiful journey through the sky

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Lluís Ulzurrun
Lluís UlzurrunMaker@sumolari
Hi Product Hunt! I made Blimp Journey 🎈 with @javierrov. It's our first mindfulness game ever. How to play: - Tap to jump - Avoid planes 🎏 and the floor - Enjoy the world around you 🌅 We'll be glad to answer any question 😉
RahulPro@rahulmfg · Full Stack Dev @Product Hunt 😺✌️
@sumolari @javierrov nice thought :)
Javier Rodríguez
Javier RodríguezMaker@javierrov · Designer, 4MAW
@rahulmfg thanks a lot! Glad you like it 😸
Alex Marshall
Alex Marshall@marsh931
Loving the design 👌 Maybe I'm just rubbish at it, but it's quite difficult and gets a bit frustrating that I lose so often! I think if the difficulty was a bit easier and you could just float along for longer, it would be much more relaxing 😊
Javier Rodríguez
Javier RodríguezMaker@javierrov · Designer, 4MAW
@marsh931 Hi, Alex! Thanks a lot! You're right, it's difficult, maybe too much, specially in small devices. We'll take a look at it so it feels more like something you can actually relax with 😜