AI powered intro's to locals for the best places to eat

Stop reading endless reviews!

Ask a neighborhood expert for a restaurant recommendation instead.

Blikkee uses AI to introduce you to locals for advice you can trust.

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  • Erik LofstadJust some guy

    As a frequent traveler who has been lucky enough to strike up conversation with locals- this assured a 100% chance.


    I’d suggest a way to know if a fellow blikke user was in the same place as me. If they approve it’d be fun to meet up.

    I’ve been able to recommend great local places. I do it for free as it’s my pleasure- but it’s nice to have the option to monetize it if you’d like.

    Erik Lofstad has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    1) quick way to find new restaurants in NYC that I would've never found otherwise anywhere else on the web

    2) easy to use


    only offers 9 cuisine type. looking forward to blikkee expanding to offer other options in the future

    I like the option of being able to earn money for my recommendations

    C Falks has used this product for one month.


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Jacob Matthew Wood@vanhinpuu · Founder, Woodies Clothing
App looks beautiful. Downloading now!
Jeffrey DobinHunter@athleteadvocate · AI powered intro's to locals
@vanhinpuu - Thanks for checking out Blikkee. Any and all feedback is welcome! Love your shirts btw.
Jacqueline von TesmarHiring@jacqvon · Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Hey makers! What made you want to create this app and how does it differ from similar apps out there?
Jeffrey DobinHunter@athleteadvocate · AI powered intro's to locals
@jacqvon - great question! What started as a pay-it-forward project to connect people in our network for advice, quickly morphed into a community of friends (and friends of friends) recommending their favorite local restaurants. Our integration with Venmo makes us unique. Locals help others for free but people traveling for work and vacation are tipping 💰for advice. You can offer restaurant recommendations on Blikkee and earn tips that would've otherwise gone to a hotel concierge! We 💙 local culture and hate tourist traps. If you feel the same way, jump on Blikkee and give it a whirl. We'd love your feedback!
Shaun Johnson@idealexit · Startup Institute cofounder
Vladyslav P.@vpiskunov · Founder @ Trips Avenue
Not available in UK app store as it seems? Quite a down-vote on that... Otherwise - keep it up!
Jeffrey DobinHunter@athleteadvocate · AI powered intro's to locals
Hi @vpiskunov - thanks for your note! Love what you're doing at Trips Avenue. Seems like we're passionate about solving similar problems 🙌
Vladyslav P.@vpiskunov · Founder @ Trips Avenue
@athleteadvocate indeed!😄 I'm guessing you're not keeping it US-only? If so, let me know - maybe there's something we could discuss
Jeffrey DobinHunter@athleteadvocate · AI powered intro's to locals
Hey @vpiskunov, Didn't mean to ignore your question. Oops! We're 100% focused on the US market. However, it would be awesome to help locals in the UK and beyond (one day). Happy to chat off line 🤙 Please send over a note to jeffrey (at) blikkeedotcom.