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Lots of apps have surfaced in this space - for me personally, Im yet to see the attraction. They remind me of big chatrooms on the internet where more than a few people chatting at the same time just becomes a big mess. It happens with video chat apps too - Blab for example (just shut down). 3 people in a convo is just about bearable and can work, when there is 4, someone ends up sitting there in silence for the majority. Video vs text is very different but I just dont know how these group messaging apps can work at scale. Curious to hear the story here... What does Blicup do that the others in the space currently dont satisfy?
@gabrielpetrolio Yeah - this idea/concept isn't a new one but its how its executed that makes something do well. Public chat also being an old concept, I agree. But it seems that not a lot has changed in terms of bringing that public chat to the current tech advances, except only grouping interests/topics. I think it would be much more valuable if instead of open public chat that users were connected with 3/4 people with similar interests, can chat, leave the convo, move onto the next group and have it as a public chat but grouped within those topics. 15 people talking about one topic gets messy and hard to follow, no matter who you are. My point is that there are lots of public chat apps out there that do the same thing or a variation but essentially same concept. But in my opinion it is the very format of an open public chat that is the actual problem.