Preview CSS background blend modes easily

Blendy is a tool to preview CSS Background blend modes rapidly.

🎁Notable features:

✔️Change background color

✔️Preview gradients on the image

✔️Change the size of the image

✔️Upload images from Unsplash or your computer

✔️Copy code for a blend mode

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1 Review5.0/5
Hey PH 👋, I first thought of Blendy when I had a tough time choosing blend modes for a background image. Each time I changed the blend mode in my editor, saw it in the browser and repeated the process. This seemed more like firing shots in the dark. 😫 Solution😃 : A tool where you can see all blend modes at once in different sizes and colors. You can also use it to preview linear gradients on the image. I look forward to hear your thoughts. Chirag
Love this!!
@wendyde03942462 Glad that you liked it 😃