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It's only available for Dutch readers, but probably interesting for product hunters to see how the print industry is trying to revolutionize. @AlexanderNL is the founder and Dutch tech celebrity ;)
Blendle gets praise from a feature in The Economist last week: http://www.economist.com/blogs/b...
i wonder how @davepell feels about this
Wow - this is huge! I don't pay for any news sites now, because I feel like I don't read enough of any one of them to justify a subscription (WSJ, NYT, etc.). I've been looking for something like a cable news bundle, where I can pay a combined small fee and just read a few articles a month from different providers. Blendle is awesome! It charges around $0.10-.20 per article, which I'm really happy to pay for the few articles I want to read per month. I'm paying more, and reading more, but not paying as much as it would cost me to have unlimited subscriptions to all these sites. Really brilliant solution.