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I'm really interested in this space @khaledealy Currently speaking with a similar app (private) Keen to see what you feel the use-case is here? Like an audio journal? Seems like a Twitter type platform with audio instead of text... Are you trying to get people to use audio like they currently use messaging?
@bentossell so it's a mix and match of what you said. From a user's perspective it is like an audio journal of their thoughts. And conversations can revolve around each thought in a way. Also from the users perspective we tried to make it as seamless as audio messaging. So you post and get replies and reply back and so on as if you are audio messaging. But for others looking at the conversation it's one user addressing a group of people and responding directly to either the group or individual messages in front of the group.
@khaledealy how do you plan on growing users? Personally I don't like the sound of my own voice and text is my preferred form of communication. Seems like you may need evangelists in certain sectors to start driving this forward. For example if a notable Celebrity was to share their thought on a topic, and get people to jump into the convo that way. How do you plan on onboarding people and what is going to make them stick around the platform?
@bentossell honesty I am currently thinking about that all the time. A celebrity would be an easy out. But I really want to see if I can get people who want to talk about topics they are passionate about to be the base of this platform. And I believe a conversation on Bleepmic is second only to being in a townhall in terms of experience. So I guess my dilemma is finding those types of first users. In terms of hearing your own voice, I agree. Even as a founder of the product I still feel a little shy posting myself. But when someone pulls me in by posting or replying to me, the flood gates open and Bleeps just flow.
@khaledealy Maybe good to start looking at startup founders discussing issues in their field... things like that?
@bentossell that's an awesome idea. Thanks!
I love these audio streaming / podcasting apps! You should consider to clean up the last 3 screenshots in your app store entry.. to much information! People should find out how it works while they using it!
@kaiburghardt thanks for the advice. But what would that achieve? And why don't you sign up and let's talk about it there. My username is Khaled.
@khaledealy @kaiburghardt Finding what is the best use case that people use should be a priority. What was your idea/problem in the first place ?
@tsunaze just wanted to say what's on my mind and hear people's opinions. Like literally talk to people. Didn't find anything that did that for me.