Censor your f***ing videos

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Now all my videos can sound like Jerry Springer & Cops episodes! Brilliant!!
A silly/fun app by @codyk and team. Simply hold your finger down to "bleep" out audio in your videos.
Love the tagline. Had to download it just because of that ;)
I must say I'm surprised it's actually fun! Even bleeping out non-swear words to make you look like a bad ass!
@tonytanevski thanks! that was the intention I had in mind when making it ๐Ÿ˜‰
@codyk It would be great if you could hear the audio in the video while creating the bleeps ... And share buttons :)
Sounds like a fun way to reproduce Jimmy Kimmel's unnecessary censorship sketches.
@franklin_ho Basically was my first thought too. Ultimately was the reason I installed it.