BitTorrent's encrypted P2P chat app

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Would be interesting to see how it compares on the EFF Secure Messaging Scorecard: I think there were concerns about how the code is not publicly auditable. I've been using Telegram ( and I have to say, they have awesome native apps (I'm using Mac & Android apps). The hard part is getting all your friends to start using it. I recruited a lot of people, but only one or two people kept using it, the rest dropped off. A chat app is useless without anybody to chat with.
Nikunj Kothari
Nikunj KothariHunter@nikunj · Senior PM, Opendoor
After 200,000 installs from the public launch, Bleep launches to the public today. Their serverless model for messages is fascinating from an implementation perspective
Pierre Vannier
Pierre Vannier@pierre_vannier · Founder and CEO @flint
Anyone want to try the app, here's my bleep key: 0f8375558542cb0f041d06fb2814920d8c86ed5f7b309aea4124c49192b0ea65,pierre