Draw anywhere and send to your phone, all in vector

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This would be fun to experiment with. The pen works by taking snapshots of each stroke you make. The stream of images is then sent through Bluetooth to the BLCK INK phone app, where you can view and export your work as an editable PDF in vector format.
Like the idea but I was wondering are thinking about it being compatible with other notebooks? I mean for a ilustrator 120 pages won't last them long.
I'm curious how this is different from Adobe Capture?
Thanks for your questions guys! Maxwell - BLCK INK converts your handrawings from paper to vector, without scanning or taking any photos! The camera inside the pen tracks every stroke you make via bluetooth and then sends the image to our BLCK INK app. From there, the image can be easily uploaded, shared, edited etc. Paulina - BLCK INK is only compatible with our unique paper. Additional books are available for purchase if you run out of pages. We also have the capability to customize notebooks to your liking as well. Check us out online: We are also giving away a BLCK INK BOX! Visit for entry details. The winner will be announced on Monday 28th!
Site and apps no longer exist. I wonder what this was? There are no screenshots.