Helping people link with their future travel mates early

Tired of posting itinerary all over the boards to find your future travel partners? Not anymore! By the advantage of the useful tool delicately design for flyers, Blay has a growing user pool that makes social between users flying to the same place become possible. In beta, one can already send messages via instagram or Twitter if id is provided

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Nice idea for traveling☺️
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This app has just replaced a lot of other similar apps on my phone.


- Super convenient

- Love the design

- I will use it every time

- Good name

- Replaced tons of other apps

- Interesting

- Delightful


Didn't find any as yet.

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it's good for solo travellers
This app is very useful and super addicted!

If Blay can offer more local services, special deals and discounts, it would be perfect!


Pros: easy to use, amazing UI & UX, great for solo travellers!


Cons: explore page doesn’t include enough local-based information, such as local stores and restaurants.