A push notification themed mass messaging app

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What’s up PH? I’ve spent the last year or so trying to find PMF for Blastchat after our beta was hunted and I finally found it. For the past decade or so Facebook, Twitter and Email has been the most effective 1 to many messaging platforms. And as Twitter and Facebook continue to grow, the content on both platforms becomes less a less visible. Email blast and newsletters are still effective but only for a certain age group. Younger generations are not signing up for email newsletters. So here is where Blastchat comes into play. Blastchat allows you to send mass messages to your respected audience and receive individual responses a second later. All messages are delivered with a PUSH notification alert and only available for 24 hours. We have two main products Blastchat Private and Blastchat Public. With Blastchat Private we import other Blastchat users from your device contacts into your Blastchat contacts. Then you can send 1 message to as many friends as you want, eg “Anyone doing anything fun this weekend? I haven't been out in a while, I’m looking to get wild!” or more simply, “Anyone want to play tennis today?”. Those recipients will receive your message immediately via PUSH notification and they will have to option to reply to you right away. With Blastchat Public you can send content directly to your followers via push notification. Send links, videos, gifs, pictures or text to your followers. When you press Blast(send), your content will appear on your followers phones a second later. If you are a blogger, or have an audience who wants to hear from your in REAL REAL, time give Blastchat a try.I’m also giving some verified badges away so if you want one, hit me up! Let me know what you think. Thanks ALL and thanks again BRAM!
@blastchatbleez I'm a blogger and am interested in more info. I've tried mobio as a notification system and they've seemingly disappeared so I'm eager to try something new.
@blastchatbleez Hey this is great, it definitely fills a want in my eyes. Does the initial native notification come from Blastchat (as I expect) or from the specific platform you got the followers from? Like a Twitter/Isntagram DM, a Facebook message, snapchat or whatevs kids use nowadays. If the latter I think you're on a good path, if not... I don't see myself using this (as every 'follower' should download blastchat as well)
@planetmitch hey Mitch! Awesome! Will send you a DM on Twitter!
@milann - yeah that's the problem most social platforms have . . . Our value proposition, especially for the normal user is that Blastchat is not a diary of your life, like Twitter and Facebook, all messages are gone after 24 hours. You won't be haunted by post sent in the past. And on blast the filtering process for two sees your content is just as effective as sending text messages.This changes the content that shared. From a blogger or brand perspective, the content is seen by your followers a second after it is sent. The reach potential is an advantage. If we make our content shareable to other platforms, we will lose in the long haul and our VP will be worthless. So we are at the point where all of the cool early adopters are joining. This may not be you at the moment, but we are growing and will be a respected platform soon. Respected meaning, lots of users. Thanks Milan!!
Hey congrats Jhamar, I met you at an event in NY and downloaded an early version. I thought the idea seemed really cool then so I'm glad you've kept improving it and are on PH today! Good luck with everything!
@mazlix yeah, I remember! Thanks Justin! Good luck to you too!
Can recipients receive blasts without installing blastchat?
I've been looking for an alternative to emails, Facebook and Twitter and this feels like a good one. But as I know the audience I'm looking for uses Android over iOS. When can we expect an Android version?
Congratulations @blastchatbleez It looks good Jhamar. I'm very excited