Send incognito emails, without anyone knowing who you are.

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@eladmeidar: Cool. how likely it is that the incognito emails will wake up the "spam guards"?
@itamaryu we are currently seeing some cases in which it actually happens, working on it as we speak.
@itamaryu Verified and cleaned. No longer being detected by SPAM filters.
@itamaryu @eladmeidar I don't see it being a huge problem, as long as it isn't compromised to send mass emails etc
@patrickcoombe @itamaryu We are working on that. limitations and blacklisting for abusing clients is already in production
I wonder how Steve Jobs will ever receive any email.. You might want to try Tim?
@eladmeidar what do you see the potential uses for this product? Why would I want to send anonymous email? Are the safe guards built to prevent it from being used to harass people?
@nevermike Excellent questions, we are adding a way to blacklist your email from receiving any incognito emails through our system as we speak. we are also adding a "report" option for a specific sender in case such is harassing or misusing the system. The primary use case for is obviously the right to remain anonymous. As there are ways to remain anonymous using almost every other communication methods (re: Blindspot app and SMS messages) we figured an email would be a reasonable addition. While talking to potential users, one example that we came across is an employee that witnessed a sexual harassment case at her workplace and wanted to report to her superiors without exposing her identity.
@eladmeidar Thanks for the explanation. I feel like getting the safeguards in ASAP is very important.
@nevermike @eladmeidar If this took off TLS + SSL + PGP this could get scary
This is awesome! Except it keeps your email signature in the message, so if you use anything where your sig is not visible inline in your email your identity will be revealed anyway ;)
@jordanfish excellent point. We are looking into several options on how to deal with that specific subject.
Hmmmmm nice! I can now let some people now what I think about them (without offending).
@gabrielreynard I think they'll still be offended.
@jrsjrsjrs Oh yes, but not with me!