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Hey guys: Tommy, co-creator here. I was waiting until the Google Docs integration was done, but looks like somebody jumped the gun on me! Happy to see the enthusiasm. Blank Slate is exactly 1 thing: the easiest place to write, format, and save text as thoughts, lists, and posts. What you do with it will be done through extensions. For example, the first extension will be to let you save notes as Google Docs when they're ready, so if you're scrawling down a list and realize your team should be collaborating on it, make it into a Google Doc and carry on from there in Gdocs. Should be out by Monday. It's open source, but the OS project isn't really ready. Here it is anyway: Super easy to get going, just start typing and hit "command + S" or save. Would love feedback on extensions would like to see. Upcoming are: - Google Docs - Slack - Turn lists into interactive to-do lists
An update: you can now save as Google Docs or PDFs. It's super cool.
@tommyrva I am trying to login and can't. Using the 'forgot password' doesn't lead to ever getting email. Ideas?
doesn't seem to be working anymore