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#4 Product of the DayAugust 15, 2014

BlankPage is a motivational writing service that helps you build a habit of writing. By giving fiction writers a clear process, and helping them set achievable goals, we try to help more people than ever before finish their first drafts.

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BlankPage is a tool to help people start and finish a book or novel. By providing a distraction free editor, motivational tools, and a clear writing process we help you get there. This is a sideproject from Odd Alice, and I'm the founder. Feel free to AMA!
@jesperbylund Love the idea and trying to move my drafts over from Svbtle. But I'm a bit confused by some of the concepts and UX. - Why can't see my outline once I'm inside a piece? - Not clear what's the best use of pieces (I usually write short blog posts) Also, I think the timezone is off for me, so f**ks up my daily stats Happy to discuss more if you'd like (pcothenet @
I can't seem to find, how the product actually looks like?
@ugurkaner There's a video on the way. But right now it's free to login and have a look.
Looks great, can't wait to try it. @jesperbylund didn't totally understand why the register button appears on the modal window after I registered. Clicking it makes me think that it does something different only to tell me I've already registered.
@tomharari Thanks! Hmm, sounds like a bug to me. Fixing it now, thanks for the heads up!
One of the best of its kind! Thought it was worth recognition and wrote about BlankPage in Jeff Bullas' blog