Financing students through Income Share Agreements.

Blair finances students through Income Share Agreements which will adapt to individual income circumstances, protecting them from a life controlled by student debt.
Students will be funded by investors who strive for economic value and social impact.
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Co-Founder of Blair
Hi everyone! ✌🏻 Today, we are very excited to introduce you to Blair. 🕊 Blair offers a better way of college financing, where students pay back a certain percentage of their future income for a fixed period of time. Traditional loans leave students with an irresponsible amount of debt & do not protect them from income volatility. Our Income Share Agreements (ISAs) will protect students, by adapting to individual income circumstances, allowing them to live without fear of student debt and to pursue careers which are not controlled by loan repayments. We value the potential of a student and not their history. Therefore, we do not require a credit score or a co-signer. We are available for every major and provide a seamless experience, from getting the funding to paying it back. 🎓 Why is Blair interesting for investors? We allow investors to combine financial returns with social impact by investing in students. Investors will in turn receive a share of the graduates' income for a fixed period of time. ISAs create a new asset class ideally suited to diversify investment portfolios and offer built-in protection against inflation. 🎯 Why are we working on this? Education lays the foundation for fostering individual and social development opportunities and must be accessible to everyone. We believe that the financing of education in the US is fundamentally flawed, as no current financing model seems to be sustainable. The aggregated student debt reached $1.5 trillion and 40% of all borrowers are expected to default their payments by 2023. Many of our friends are suffering because of the status quo. We offer a better solution for a subset of students in the US and want to make it available to them. 👩🏼‍💻👨🏽‍💻To all students: Discover your individual ISA rate within one minute and compare it to traditional loans. 👩🏾‍💼👨🏼‍💼 To all investors: Get in touch with us if you are interested in investing. We are very much looking forward to hearing your feedback and wish you a lovely day! ☀️
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Awesome idea - looks like a fantastic way to bridge the gap between students and investors in a more equitable, transparent and efficient way. Access to education is a huge problem, so innovative models like this will hopefully prove to be a catalyst for good. Looking forward to seeing you all kick more goals!
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Matthew Kochakian
working on startups
I truly wish this was as easy to do as you guys have made it when I was heading into college. Raising the bar for college financing and helping students get the education they deserve 🚀
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Great idea - proof of concept already exists on a small scale, excited to see how this plays out on a larger playing field!
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Where were you when I was in college?! I see a huge potential in Blair and I'll be telling my younger cousins about this; their parents have been saving up for their college tuition since they were born! Few questions! How will you be testing for a student's potential? Will Blair help in increasing a student's potential long term? I wonder what Blair will look like in the future when going to college won't be the norm :)
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