A slim charger and MicroSD card reader for all devices

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As more people are glued to their phones all hours of the day, it puts an enormous strain on battery life, as well as storage. Blade4000 provides a solution to this problem through its power bank and Micro SD/TF card reader combination to tackle these issues.
How is this a unique product? Looks like to get one with a MicroSD slot, you're spending $29 USD. This one on Aliexpress is $35, 10000mAh, shipping and appears to use an identical app.
@hgulliver looks basically like a rebranded, imported version. As is often with IGG. Thats why I always stick with KS, usually a safer bet. What gave it away most for me was the flexible goal. That usually indicates no big risks/investments are needed by the projects starter.
@hgulliver Hi Harrison, Thanks for the interest on our Blade4000. 1st our Blade4000 is using Apple's MFi Lighting port, which means the Appler user would not to take extra Micro USB cable. As I know, there are many iPhone users hate the Micro USB charger as you always made mistake on the connector direction. 2nd: Blade4000 is supporting up to 256GB which is much more comparing to your link. 3rd: No always big is better. Slim power bank should be good for daily usage.
@hgulliver BTW, Harrison, did you really trust which has too much knock-off stuff?