Get your Airpods painted black!

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So, do they send them via Dropbox, or are they just using the Dropbox logo to indicate shipping?
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@dja1o came in just to say this!!!!!!
@dja1o lol they should def change that icon
@dja1o pretty sure they mean shipping...
Domain should've been
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Wait... what $249? 😭
Would need to see actual photos to even consider.
$99 if you send in your own. $249 if you need them to buy a pair for you. Anyone doing this?
@mscccc would be nice to see actual photos rather than renders.
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@mscccc well, how worth it to you is it to be the trendy, unique one with black Airpods?
@mscccc I wouldn't buy this but matte black AirPods would be πŸ‘Œ
@mscccc the market is senior level designers who have a lot of disposable income and an insatiable thirst to have everything well designed
@mscccc it seems backwards. They "make" only $90 when you factor in retail cost of AirPods at $159 and yet they make $9 more when you send them yours ... I thought it'd be the other way around (cheaper for the customer to send their pair in + better incentive for people to ship their own in to make more money)