Facebook for restaurants and foodies (in SF) 😋

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My buddy Kenzo Nakamura's new food project. Send them some feedback!
Hi Product Hunt! @Tylr - thanks for hunting us! BlackPepper is a social network for restaurants and foodies where you can: Follow restaurants to get updates, specials, menu changes, happy hours, and events straight from the restaurants themselves. Follow foodies (your friends, celebrity foodies) to see where and what they've been eating, which restaurants are their favorites, and which restaurants are on their wish list. We have 115 of the best SF Bay Area restaurants signed up and counting. We're currently in beta so please mind the gaps! We'd love for you guys to sign up and give us any feedback, either on this page or sent to our emails (, We're also growing our team, so if you're interested in joining a fun restaurant-tech startup, again, send us an email!
Thanks to everyone who emailed feedback…keep it coming! If you: 1 Sign up, 2 "Follow" a restaurant, & 3 Search for a friend (feel free to add me) All sorts of cool stuff starts working on the BlackPepper site. Give it a try! And thanks for everyone's support.
This is actually a great idea!
@eison thanks Julian!
So what's the reason I should sign up to BlackPepper instead of following their pages on fb/twitter/insta/etc? What's the killer feature? I browsed a few restaurants, and noticed, that you just grab the data from their FB pages and show in your design. Would love to hear about features making your service special. Thanks.
@aramiggs Hey Aram! Thanks for the question. The general social networks you mentioned are not designed with food, restaurants, and foodies in mind. Right now, we have features that keep track of what you've been eating and where and what your favorite restaurants are. As our product gets smarter, it can take the data of the dishes youve tried and recommend to you new dish types (Pad Thai) and 5 great Thai restaurants (on BlackPepper) for you to try it. You can follow your friends and celebrity foodies (Anthony Bourdain, David Chang) to keep up with where they've been and what their favorite restaurants are.