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Blackout is a free WordPress plugin that implements a Dark Mode widget into your website, which allows your users to enable or disable it with a single click.
It provides you with an easy to use settings page so you can customise it without coding.
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Since I started using glasses nine years ago, I've been struggling with reading stuff online, or more precisely, with watching any kind of content with a white background, mostly because even if I have a tiny particle in the glass, I will start noticing it right away and that is very bothersome. A couple of months back I started noticing a trend in which most web apps started releasing Dark / Night Modes versions of their UI, and that's awesome because it allows me to enjoy the content without getting bothered by my glasses. Also, I get less blue light, so it doesn't mess (that much) my sleep clock. However, one day I saw Sandoche's widget and thought that having a version for WordPress would be awesome, mostly because 35% of the internet is powered by it, and I use it a lot. I adapted the widget so it could work with most WordPress based websites and added a settings page so even non-coders could customize it as much as they wanted. It's 100% free, GPL, open-source and everything else, so I hope you guys can enjoy it as much as I do, and maybe one day all WordPress sites will offer a Dark Mode widget to make all of our lives easier :D Do you think that Dark Modes are useful?
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@justcharlie @barisunver_en @envisionwithj @ayush_chandra @mahmudulalam @envisionwithj @new_user_cca5c9dab6 You were asking for the Wordpress extension of DarkmodeJS here it is !
Going to try it on Productster right away! Thanks:)
@farbodsaraf awesome! let me know if you have any questions, hope you like it :D
Already loving it . Nice work Jose.
@niteshmanav Glad you are liking it! and thank you very much to take the time to leave a comment :D
This is awesome, excited to try this out. 🚀
@r_i_c_k Thank you very much! appreciate it a lot. Let me know if you have any questions