Blackjack Bailey VR

A Single player blackjack game for VR

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Hello Product Hunters! I would like to introduce to you Blackjack Bailey Blackjack Bailey VR is a single player virtual reality blackjack game that offers the thrill of playing 21 in a casino but in a casual atmosphere. It features a charismatic female dealer that goes by the name of Bailey. The game is only simulated gambling meaning there is no real money transactions taking place within the game, so it doesn't come with the risk associated with real gambling. You have access to an unlimited bank and there are no in-app purchases so you never have to buy chips to keep playing. Once downloaded, you can play forever. It's a casual game, where you play comfortably seated and it feels lik you’re at a real Casino. All the fun of playing blackjack at a Las Vegas casino but none of the risk. Enjoy playing 21 anytime, anywhere, within the privacy of your HMD Available for HTC Vive through steam: also available on Samsung Gear VR We're working on making it available for other platforms too. The game has been co-developed by: iCandy Games Inc. (Myself) in conjunction with Hologram Software LTD (Deniz Opal & team) I'd love to hear your feedback on it, along with any suggestions you may have. Thanks for looking!
looking forward to getting my addiction on.. Once I can get my full scale set up going that is. Awesome work Mike. Followed this from the start on Facebook. I am just waiting for the dealer lady to start showing more skin with the release of the R rated version in the future :P
Blackjack Bailey VR is now Available for the HTC Vive:
Hello Product Hunters! I'm happy to announce the release of Blackjack Bailey for Gear VR.
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