AI shopping assistant trained by insights from your friends

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Hi Product Hunters! I’m super excited to share something I've been working on that I hope will help you find great deals this Black Friday. BLACKFRIDAY.AI is an AI powered shopping assistant bot for Black Friday that is trained and enhanced by insights from your friends who know you well. It is powered by Rendezvous, a social recommendation engine that leverages your social graph to generate serendipitous product recommendations for you. Your friends collaborate to train the AI so that it can find the best deals optimized for your taste. It is built as a Facebook Messenger bot so you can use conversational natural language to find great deals. Thanks for reading! Looking forward to valuable feedback and insights from the Product Hunt community.
@geordasche how do my friends train it? How much data from my friends would you need to get an improved set of recommendations? Doesn't launching this n Black Friday make it hard to get relevant recommendations within a time-frame that would make them useful (i.e. TODAY)?
@chrismessina Awesome questions, thanks Chris! Because it's powered by Rendezvous you can continue to use it even after Black Friday to get recommendations for other seasons, say Cyber Monday, Christmas, or anytime you want to crowdsource your friends opinions to help you shop. Every additional recommendation from your friends improves/trains the recommendation engine but the good news is that is that you don't have to wait for a huge data set to start getting useful recommendations because you immediately start getting highly relevant *direct* recommendations from people who know you well.