Anonymous calling app

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this anonymous trend is moving away from pure fun and into habitual territory. Imagine a world where we all lived, communicated and interacted anonymously... creepy
And if talking to people's not your thing, you can text anonymously with Truth or email people incognito with Leak (cc @ldesserrey).
I've always wondered what the % gender split is for dating / flirting apps. It'd be interesting to know how they deal with one-sided ratio.
There's something about this that just doesn't feel right. I can't seem to put my finger on it.
@acondurache not that creepy, sometimes you just need to tell something to someone, to confess something... and Black is perfect place, because no one knows who you are, no one will judge you... @sprockett unfortunately we have approx. 38% females. Not sure about the other anonymous apps out there. We are still in early beta stage. @aldainreid how you mean? And to be more clear, the communication is P2P - means that no one can act man-in-the-middle and spy on you in any way.