Bringing exposure, resources and opportunities to Black technologists, and our allies. With a strong focus on retention, we connect our employer partners and opportunity extenders to highly skilled and qualified candidates within our talent pipeline.
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Emma BostianSoftware engineer @ Spotify in Stockholm
Awesome congrats!! :)
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Waikit Lau
2 Acquisitions,1 IPO, Fan of Simplicity
Congrats on the launch! Love this and much needed.
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naderDeveloper, School Status
Wow, the site is beautiful. Congratulations on the launch!
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Derrick FrancoWork hard and be nice to people
Love the idea! I actually just spoke with CEO of @byteboarddev on the diversity issues of the technical interview process, they might be an amazing partner to help with this product!
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Will LauranceIE at Stripe and Product Maker
Awesome! Congrats on the launch @parissathena
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