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#4 Product of the DayApril 12, 2020
Black Tea builds electric motorbikes that are affordabel, appealing & fun-to-ride. They can be quickly charged through battery swapping.
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How much is affordable? I appreciate this is a pre launch page but any indication of what it may cost would be helpful
@cfowlerdesign we aim at a price under 5.000 €
@viktor_sommer nice! That would be good to have on your page
It started as a side project in University. I could not find any appealing e-motorbike at an affordable price. So I built my own bike.
@viktor_sommer cool! .. But what's the price, can't find it on your site
@carlhauser_ We aim at a price under 5.000 €
Neat idea. Small detail, but the knobby tires don't make a lot of sense to me. I suspect 90-something% of riding will be done on-road instead of off. Street tires might even improve the range by a few miles.
@magnuson Thanks & yes thats right. For our prototype we have chosen those tires to deliver a message of exploration, adventure & riding off-road
Looks beautiful. Just added myself to your list. I would love to ride it!
@laurenproctor32 Thanks! We will keep you up to date!
Nice website, interesting product. My biggest note is don't put affordable on the site marketing and then not put a price. Just launch the site as is and put affordable later when you have a price. To say affordable and then not put any price makes me skeptical of the product itself.
@darren_wendroff Thanks for the feedback!