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Like Indie Hackers, but for Statisticians!

Black Swans is a vibrant πŸ”₯ community of statisticians who help each other with problems and collaborate on projects. 😎

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Hey guys, I’m a 4th year maths student at St Andrews University and have recently created an online statistics community πŸ€“ called Black Swans ( The site allows users to post about anything related to statistics and then other users can comment on these posts. E.g., perhaps you had successfully predicted the result of every World Cup ⚽ match and wanted to share the story of how you did it, or maybe you wanted to find people interested in developing a quant trading strategy πŸ’΅ with you. We also run competitions πŸ† on the site, e.g., best solution to our puzzle "Who's Doing the Dishes?" ( wins Β£100. Hope you like it ❀️ Jack
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Great Site. Look forward to using!
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Been on the forum for a week and it's great! Interesting conversations between stat heads!


Great Design. Intelligent Minds.



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Hi Jack! What is the tech stack behind BlackSwans?
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@alexanderisora Hi, I built the site using Django and jQuery.
Great website! Simple and easy to use.
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