Black Stock Images

Black stock images for better representation in social media

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Love these quality images!
@earemu thank you so much!
@g_niusmode sharing this with my buddy who owns (6.2M followers). He's done photo-shoots all around the world and probably has a few photos to help bolster the collection.
Absolutely fantastic idea! Goes straight onto my free stock photo list and will definitely be used for future bloggery.
@thegrumpygirl thank you! The free collection comes in packs of 3 with 8 images in each!
YES! I saw @shanley post this the other day and meant to hunt it. It's so important to be inclusive and diverse with the imagery companies use to represent their offering. Marketers and designers have browsed endless stock photography sites and could attest to the fact that the people in a lot of stock photo sets - particularly images around technology - are mad homogeneous. Great to see this site and I hope to see more of these images used by startups on PH :)
@stttories most definitely!!! As a web designer, it's been pretty difficult finding the right ones for my clients. Even after shooting for the collection, I've gotten excited about using them for future projects lol
@g_niusmode @stttories sooo fond of your profile pic btw :)
"Black" as in, African American?
Hey Ty, Yes that's what it is.