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A terminal emulator with autocompletion based on Electron

#2 Product of the DayMay 21, 2016
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This should be a default feature in Atom!
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Really like it, but could use zsh. I see they're working on it, so looking forward to seeing what else comes out of the project.
Lots of good ideas in there. I especially love the fact that it makes non zero return status obvious, I copy/paste the same shell wizardry for years in my shell config to do that, having forgot the meaning of its escape sequences for long ( , it basically just set a red tile before prompt in case of non zero return status). There are a few things annoying that prevent me to "just use it", like not being able to resize text (my sight is not what it's been) or the fact that ^d in irb actually closes the terminal (super annoying). But well, a terminal takes years to be right :) (especially if you build a shell in the same time) Good luck!
Love the design ! Good Work ! Question: Is the autocompletion extracting help texts from man pages for the basic unix commands (grep, ls, etc...) ? Or is it something made by hand ? Thx :)
@elieslama They are defined in autocomplete provider files, an example of which can be found here:
I really like how smooth it is. There are a few bugs but I think once they get ironed out. I could definitely use this as my terminal great work!