Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K

A professional grade 6k pocket camera from Blackmagic

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera is better than a simple video camera because it has professional features allowing you to create the same "look" as Hollywood feature films.
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So glad to see the EF mount already on this camera. Now there's no need to buy the $600 Metabones adapter!
Costs $2,495
I really thought this would be more expensive being honest. Is there really a noticeable difference once you go past 4k?
@aaronoleary Yes there is, but the point of 6K isn't even to deliver in 6K at this point, it's for more flexibility in post production, be it cropping, stabilising, etc. Also is a little bit future proofed! Most content is still watched in 1080p with 4K and others very slowly catching on.
As a youtube video maker this definitely seems interesting. Will for sure need to look more into this. I record on a DSLR and 99.9% of the time I only ever use the video function of my camera.