Black Friday LinkBox 2018

Go through 100+ Black Friday deals within 2 minutes.

Manually verified curated list of 100+ ( and expanding... ) lifetime deals and highly discounted Black Friday deals on unique SaaS tools, WordPress tools, software products and other digital products.

And yes. It's in the popular Linkbox form so that you can go through such a huge list within 2 minutes. :)

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Awesome list, thanks for your efforts!
@guykessels Your welcome. :)
Just grabbed ProjectHuddle , SEOPress, Astra lifetime and SocialBee. Easy list. Thank you. :)
@shiksha_nishant_naveen Your welcome. Amazing choice of tools. I also grabbed PH and Astra.. others I already had. πŸ˜‰
@niteshmanav Hope you already have Cloudways πŸ˜‰
Ha ha ha ... It literally didn't take more than two minutes. :) :) Nicely curated lists. Thanks for sharing our tool.
@gaurav_1405 Ha ha ha.... just to go through, 2 min. is enough... but if you found many of your fav.. you will get stuck for long. 🀀
Really appreciate your effort to make this amazing list. BTW Thanks for listing @cloudways
Hello PH Fam, For last few days, I was collecting some unique black Friday deals aimed mainly towards internet marketers, entrepreneurs, and founders. Yesterday, I also asked many fellow ProductHunters to submit their deals through BlackMyFriday PH Launch - Now here is the result. : All links are beautifully curated in a single page with little minimum possible details . The mission is to make you aware of as many Black Friday deals as possible in minimum span of time. So, we choose this one-page format. Do remember that this is a dynamic list. So If you are a SaaS founder and your deal isn't already listed in the BF LinkBox, please submit it here- For quick addition, please comment here about the submission, since I am keeping track of PH upvotes and comments but not always looking at Google forms edit page. :) Thanks.