Black & British

Content platform to empower the Black British community

Black & British featured in our Makers Festival this year. The purpose of the platform is to highlight all the varied and exciting positive influences that Black Britons have had and are still having in the UK. Excited to see it grow.

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Hey Alec could you tell us more about how the content creation process works? Are you working with freelancers? Do they pitch to you? How do you decide what does / doesn't get published? @blackbritish
@abadesi Hi. Up until very recently it's just been me on the project. Someone in my extended family is now on board and getting up to speed. But it will take a while for her to be fully productive. I outsource some basic research to a VA agency. The rest is all down to me being connected into social media and events to understand what's being discussed and what's important. The first few blogs have been by me but the plan is to reach out to others. I've got more ideas and draft content that I want to write than I have time to write them!! So publishing new content isn't going to be a problem. Right now it's the resources to do that which is a problem
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@blackbritish You could leverage existing communities like YSYS and UKBlackTech for more contributors?
@abadesi Thanks. That's part of the plan. I've written a few articles for a fatherhood platform and that's the model they use. I'm a member of YSYS and am signed up to the UKBT newsletter. I just haven't reached out to people yet. In fact I think you've just reminded me of another my goals!!