The stunning black + white photo app, now on iOS

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I was lucky enough to be on the beta for this and it's one of the most beautifully designed apps I have ever used ~ it takes photo apps to another level. All black and white, #BLACKapp allows you to apply filters which are derived from some of the all-time best black and white analog films.
BLACK's focused on doing one thing (black and white photography) and it does that one thing brilliantly. Eye catching design that's also functional, and the manual tools provide just enough control to edit the photo's B&W tones the way you like, without overwhelming with slider spam. This app has been on Windows Phone for a while, so am glad to see this brought to a wider audience.
This is a really nice App. Pretty much what I have been looking for in terms of B&W Photography on the iPhone.
Easy to use and awesome design. Nice work @alvaroarregui
Just tried Black for the first time. Intuitive to use. The features and functionality are great. One of the clever things they've done is the way they have made the app accessible to photography geeks and general users who just like black and white photography. For $1.99 you can unlock additional features. Oh and there is great integration into other apps.