Video Walkie Talkie by Bebo

#2 Product of the DayApril 03, 2014
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I love this app. Then again, we made it, so that's probably about right :)
Aww yeah! Congrats on the first Bebo app release, @ShaanVP and @FurqanR! I'm curious to hear @joshm and @libbybrittain (formerly Branch, created PhoneTag thoughts on this app and video messaging in general. @willydennis and @ogtfaber are also working on related apps. Shaan/Furqan - Knowing you guys, I'm sure you've brainstormed ridiculous ideas for Blab. Care to share the most absurd? :)
Most ridiculous idea for Blab..? Well - people seem to love sending Blabs to the Blab Bot (our designer, Brittany), so we thought it would be fun to make a variety of bots. For example - Magic 8Ball, which just replies with random answers like "hmmm seems unlikely" to your yes-or-no question. Joke Bot tells you a joke, Song Bot will just sing kareoke etc.. Would be fun for people to see if they can find all the bots too. Kind of like smarter child back in the AIM days!
@ShaanVP - I love that idea. Also reminds me of the good old days of IRC bots. Can you share how the idea of Blab came about? I know you were experimenting with several different variations before landing on the "video walkie talkie."
Great Pando piece by @carmeldea. Here's the teaser: "Shaan Puri will never forget the day he bought Bebo back. He was going up against a small gathering of other bidders: and Tagged. The reps sat around a small circular table, surreptitiously eyeing each other up."