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Hi folks! I'm one of Bizzy's founders. We’re building the marketing tool we wish existed in our previous jobs (ohhh the weeks we could have had back in our lives!!). We both worked in marketing and found first-hand that the tools out there are either very manual or very expensive -- not to mention that it is be very tricky to manage multiple email, social and ad channels effectively. We hope to make ecommerce marketing fun and painless, so business owners can all spend more time doing what they love -- creating great products! Happy to answer any questions about Bizzy, or just chat about marketing!
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Kat Manalac
Partner, Y Combinator
Bizzy is in the Summer 2015 batch of Y Combinator. They are a turnkey marketing department for any ecommerce business. Since they launched 7 weeks ago, sign-ups have been growing 20% week over week, and Bizzy consistently delivers a 35% revenue lift to businesses. Their users sell a wide variety of things -- from industrial floor tape to vintage clothing to juice cleanses. They're available on Shopify now and will have more platforms coming soon.
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Misbah Ashraf
Product Growth @toymailco
Amazing product. I'd love to see the future ahead.
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We don't even ask for a credit card until you get your first conversion!
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Hey, the product sounds awesome, and I would love to trial. However, the link doesn't appear to be working. Is that just me?
@mil5om Hey Benjamin! Which link? I can't replicate. Shoot me an email at with deets! Thanks :)