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#4 Product of the MonthJanuary 2017

Bizplan provides a step-by-step business builder to break down major projects into manageable pieces to help you plan your pitch, set goals, and track your progress from a single interface.

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Hey, thanks for posting us! I'm on the Marketing team for Bizplan and and am really excited to share our platform with this community. Let me know if you have any questions, and for 50% off your first month, you can use the code BP50. Cheers!
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@alexchudik Wow, this looks fantastic. I didn't get a chance to try the product, but from a marketing perspective you guys nailed it. Great domain name, beautiful home page, and clear description of the product. Congrats to you and your team, really nicely done.
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@kleneway thanks Kevin!
@alexchudik & @wilschroter looks great, amazing addition to the platform of products
@alexchudik darn, I didn't see the 50% off code before I signed up today, but I'll use it for next month. So far I'm impressed and it's making my job of putting together a pitch for a new venture easier! Thanks
@alexchudik I absolutely agree. The website looks great. Now let's see if it works.
Is that just Knowlium but with different landing page? All screenshots look very much the same.
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@tahorg indeed, checked their page, very much the same, the graphs, the "Revenue Forecaster" is completely the same
@tahorg White-labeled maybe?
@imchrisdavis I honestly don't know. But the fact pricing is absolutely identical made me thought they are same products.
@tahorg @imchrisdavis We worked with the Knowlium team on this because we loved the Knowlium product. Knowlium, however, is still its own product/company/brand.
Fantastic modular approach to business planning. My favorite feature is the automatic financial projections ;)
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Hey folks if you want to dig in play around just shoot me an email - - and I'll be happy to set you up with an account!
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@wilschroter @startups would love to give it a try! Wil I'll shoot you an email!
@nellieliina @startups Would be great to catch up anyway Nelli
@wilschroter sounds great. I think a sandbox area would be great. At least enough to discover it's value.
@wilschroter @startups I would definitely like to try it out. Will shoot you an email!
@wilschroter @startups That's awesome. Would love to give this a try for developing business plans for products as well

I was initially very excited to use Bizplan. As a founder, I would much rather be working on tasks that directly impact the success of the business, not accounting. However, when I started using this platform, it seems to be very poorly designed. It's very buggy.

The very first page broke and I had to manually change an HTTP request to get by. Finally it asked me to upgrade to premium, even though I was already a premium user. I started to enter some financial data and it kept failing to save, or closing out on me.

Beyond the bugs, the design of the platform is sub-par. It's not overly easy to navigate and could certainly be described as confusing.

All-in-all, I would not recommend BizPlan to my greatest competitor/enemy. Avoid this product at all costs.


It looks nice


Very buggy and not a lot of functionality

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