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Kevin William David — Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
Bixi is an ultra-portable companion that senses your in-air hand gestures and commands the devices you wish to control.

Bixi commands smartphone Apps (Spotify, iBooks, Youtube, etc), LifX bulbs, Bose Soundtouch Speakers, GoPro, tablets and other Internet of Things devices, allowing users to keep interacting with their smart objects without putting their current activity on pause..

Bixi tracks your natural, intuitive hand gestures, processing the movement into meaningful action that is sent wirelessly to the device being controlled. Bixi works via Bluetooth Low Energy protocol and the Bixi App connects Bixi to other devices based on Wi-Fi or other protocols.

You can control multiple actions of two apps or devices at the same time with Bixi. For example, you can be on your bike with Bixi on ‘Music’ & ’GoPro’ profiles and control both your songs and your GoPro with only gestures.

Other such examples are:
Music & Lights control (Home)
Reading & door-lock control (home)
GoPro & Music control (on bike)
Phone/SMS & Music control(In car)

Switch between multiple preset profiles for each room by just waving your hand!
Vijay Raghavan — CEO, Bluemint Labs (bixi)
Thank you @kwdinc for hunting Bixi. I am the founder of Bixi and am happy to see Bixi featured on producthunt.

Bixi was born to allow users to keep interacting with their smart objects without putting the current activity on pause. Some like-
- Reading a recipe while cooking with hands deep in dough
- Getting distracted while driving due to the phone / infotainement/ navigation

Supporting 8 intuitive gestures to start with, Bixi can control your smart devices with a just a wave of your hand.

Our team would be happy to know your views and answer your questions.

Product hunters, join the conversation!!

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