Connecting people to build their ideas in virtual interfaces

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Hi, I'm Alexander and the Founder of B I V I. Thanks for checking us out! Oddly enough, B I V I was started out of frustration of being on a college campus and not being able to access the multitude of talent for group projects. Anywhere you would go on campus there would always be someone in the room from Engineering, all the way down to Humanities, and everything in-between. So the question arose, how can we mobilize this substantial amount of human capital to better our grades on group projects? This solution evolved into the world stage, taking advantage of the human capital of digital borders. We are a futurist tech startup in Chicago and our mission is to simply connect people. Yes people; entrepreneurs, engineers, artists, designers, inventors, educators, students, investors, businesses and organizations, to build their ideas through virtual interfaces. And for this we are excited. Happy to answer any questions if you have them!