FREE track your cryptocurrency assets with API AUTO-IMPORT

BitUniverse is an all in one cryptocurrency portfolio tracker and trading terminal. With BitUniverse, you can track your portfolio automatically with ease, and check realtime market tickers and trade multiple exchanges with BitUniverse.

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Hi there! This is Emma from BitUniverse. Our team makes a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker that gives cryptocurrency investors a clear overview and detailed insights into the price changes of the coins they hold over multiple exchanges. BitUniverse is quite unique compared to Delta and Blockfolio because we support the AUTOMATIC importing of transactions from exchange APIs, which really saves a lot of time for traders who buy/sell quite often. Aside from that, BitUniverse is FREE and promises that it will always be FREE no matter how many cool features we add! We’re currently working on adding more features based on users’ feedback, optimizing UI, and releasing frequent updates to our new iOS version to bring it up to speed with our Android app. We're a small team who have years of rich experience in building awesome mobile apps with a combined global reach of 60 million users. We fully understand how an app goes far when its both useful and simple enough for anyone to use, so we've always treated our users like close friends and taken all their feedback to heart. Now though, in the age of blockchain, we think this outlook is outdated - we're treating our relationship with users more like a marriage! Both sides are striving to build a happy marriage by sharing the same goal of making a perfect app. We are excited to hear your honest opinions about BitUniverse. Leave your review and the top 5 most upvoted reviews will win 0.01 ETH each. 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 Cheers!
Thanks for hunting @emmathefob2 Pretty impressive stack to give away for free - what is your business model?
@abadesi Thank you so much! We will launch in-built exchange in near future ;)
We will publish BitUniverse 2.0 before Feb.14 and it'll be a very fascinating new version and redefine the standard of a cryptocurrency portfolio app

With a single glance you can see the status of your portfolio in a global way. Of course it is also possible to access each currency individually, where we can see the graphs at different times. We also have the possibility to choose what price we want to see (possibility of selecting different exchanges).

The functionality of tracking the percentage evolution of each currency in your portfolio in real time is great and very visual.

Something that I thought was magnificent is the graphic in which we can see with colors the evolution of the value of our portfolio in the different exchanges.

Finally, essential details, such as the possibility of selecting the currency in which we want to see prices (euro, dollar, yen... and many more).

As for the design, we can say that everything is in place. The graphics on small screens are a bit complicated to solve, but they have done very well. The price charts of each currency can be viewed at different times.

Application performance is superb, not a single unexpected shutdown. Since I have installed it, I have noticed that the battery lasts a little less. In 24 hours the average battery consumption of Bituniverse is 6%.

Data consumption is the only thing I don't like about this application. I say that I don't like it, but it couldn't be any other way because there are constant queries to be made to different servers. It's a bad thing to suffer and cannot be avoided, but if you are connected to WIFI there is no problem!


Is perfect for me: good UX, solve my needs as trader, I see the status of my portfolio at a glance


Data consumption. It can't be avoided in an app like that due to the server queries. Have in mind that this app work with several API's

Thank you so much for your honest feedback. We only consume data in foreground. Big UI improvement will happen in our 2.0 version. Stay tuned!






Thanks a lot makers for this useful product. Use it regularly to track the net value of my crypto coins. Surely more useful than Delta and Blockfolio. However, I would have 2 suggestions: 1. Its difficult for crypto noobs to add their keys as the process seems complicated. Any solution for that? 2. Also, most of my investments are now in ICOs. In such a case BitUniverse loses its charm. Are you guys planning on somehow integrating ICO investments through our MEW?