A minimal crypto coin tracker for iOS

If you guys have multiple Cryptocurrency wallets, you can checkout Bittracker on the iOS App Store! It lets you store your total amount you have and you can continuously watch your total amount, and see how much you're gaining or losing without checking multiple apps!

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Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
Great to have you here, @sam0711er @amitnkalra! I've noticed a few crypto trackers launching in the community - what is unique about yours? What features are you most excited about?
Sam Eckert
Co-Founder agenZy, iOS Dev, IxD Designer
@amitnkalra @abadesi Hey! What makes us special right now is that we're available on iOS, watchOS & tvOS, that we have widgets for the different currencies and that users can set their custom values wallet-independently. We have way more awesome stuff to come!
Amit Nivedan Kalra
6284 Calc, Parkour City, & Gifting Chaos
@abadesi @sam0711er yup! So many dope things on the way!!