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Ben Tossell
No-coder 👉
Originally I just thought this was the same as BitTorrent Live but as you can see in the BitTorrent Blog they have all sorts going on! First the Android app rolled out and then iPhone - not sure when Apple TV will be out. From the post: We started BitTorrent Bundle in 2013 to support breaking music, film, and art, and bring creative communities around the world a little closer together. So far, more than 30,000 artists and 200,000,000 fans use BitTorrent Bundle. As the platform has grown, our focus has remained the same. Give creators options. Not rules. Give fans awesome experiences. Not content. Today, we’re reintroducing BitTorrent Bundle as BitTorrent Now, with our first-ever streaming app for Android [and iOS] (Apple TV coming soon!) Check it out. Hopefully @jknoll can jump in and tell us more :)
Adam Marx
Networking consultant and music addict
@bentossell @jknoll The most interesting thing here isn't just the metric numbers, but the focus on community. That's an arena that will prove very difficult for the big players like Spotify and Apple to follow into because of how their business models are set up (major label paradigm). SoundCloud will have an equally difficult task as it just recently converted most of its energy to the aforementioned model. It does mean issues for YouTube, though, I think, because it extends beyond the music landscape into other forms of media. However, in the broad scope, there are 2 main things that stick out to me: 1) That they think that community is where media is heading (and indeed it is) and are trying to put things in place to take them there, and 2) That they still have not learned their lesson from before. The concept of "Give creators options. Not Rules." sounds wonderful as a soundbite and is quite enticing, but perpetuates the problem as a whole. By insinuating (and arguably stating) the notion that creators aren't bound by any set of rules or legal code of conduct, BitTorrent is opening, yet again, a Pandora's box of issues. It's not 2002 anymore, and media companies, streaming or otherwise, need to start taking legal responsibility for their actions and missions. Therefore, while said soundbite seems like a good thing to put in a blog post, it will undoubtedly be misconstrued by at least a certain percentage of people, artists as well as consumers. If media companies want to stay around long term to become the next Facebook, Apple, or Box, they need to shed this skin of "possible enemy/pirate" and adopt a more self-confident, but legal, exterior. Otherwise, they will always be seen as risky endeavors for investors and artists.
André J
Swift dev @
@adammarx13 @bentossell @jknoll bit what exacly is this?
Kristin HolderFounder, Thom Hobbes
Originally thought this was for mobile torrenting - product title is a little misleading but the underground music is rewarding. I'll definitely be sharing with my friends. Glad to see Major Lazer love in there...I'll be watching. 🤘🏻🤓
Krishna Dahal
Co-founder @ Algebra, Inc.
Youtube/Soundcloud vs BitTorrent Now?? I wish this scenarios grows bigger
John AudenFreelance designer
This is awesome!!!! Nice work guys
No Windows 10 app:(
One of the advantages of this app is it being available in my location (while Spotify, Apple Music and Play Music aren't) I'd like how does this service compares to the others?