Bittask for Bitbucket

Convert your Bitbucket issues into Trello style lists

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Mashhood Rastgar
Mashhood Rastgar@mashhoodr · Technical Lead at Recurship
Hi all! This is a simple side project of mine. It is a very basic chrome extension which converts the Bitbucket issues in a Kanban board much like Bitbucket cards / Jira, or any other service for Github (WaffleIO/Zenhub/Zube). Its still very basic, but the core idea behind it is to add meta data to your issues so they can augmented into a different kind of view. Currently Im syncing everything with Firebase and storing just the position and stack + the stack data. Would appreciate any feedback you guys may have on this! Thanks.
HussainHunter@hu_me · Analytics Consultant, MarketLytics
this is a handy little tool that turns bitbucket issues to trello lists. I have been using it as a lightweight wrapper to track our issues in one place. Its not a full replacement for trello but with syncing across users using firebase its an improvement on Similar to