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Bitsmash is an app built by creators for creators. On Bitsmash, you can collaboratively create content with anyone else around the world, without having to be in the same room. We've invented a brand new way for friends and influencers to tell stories together and we look forward to all of you being part of our story. See you on Bitsmash ;) .

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I met @chris_carmichael a few years ago when he was working on the predecesor to Bitsmash called Slinger. The app's evolved quite a bit since then – it's far more simple. I'm going to jump in an create my first Bitsmash video (do we call those "smash's", Chris? 🤔) later today. Follow me at rrhoover if interested.
@rrhoover We call it "Bits" as in bits of video. Then we smash them all together. Looking forward for you to smash me into your story later :)
Hey Product Hunters! The inspiration for Bitsmash came to us by a trend, where my Snapchat creator friends and I were using a third party hack to download our fans' Snaps, and upload them to our stories. Creators began to do this all the time, that it actually became a standard for influencers to use their fans' content as part of their story. Snapchat didn't like it very much, so they started deleting profiles of people who were doing this. At this time, I was one of the top paid Snapchat influencers (, and I ended up leaving my lucrative career to build a product that we know creators will love. The collaborative storytelling feature is just the beginning of Bitsmash. In a world where 40% of kids grow up wanting to create content for a living, it's time we give them the tools to make amazing content with just a phone in their hand. We are building these tools with the creators, and we will continue to build with them. Vine made a costly mistake when they closed off their doors to Viners, and everyone left. When people started leaving they tried to reel them back in, but it was too late. Snapchat has repeated the same mistake, and well, look whats happening. You can expect them to soon launch features that will try to reel them back in... but is it too late? P.s: We host a daily show on Bitsmash where anyone can become a part of the show. Would love to see you on there and hear any feedback that you may have.
@chris_carmichael Good luck with it! How big is your team? Have you raised money from angels or VCs?
@gregstorm We've almost completely bootstrapped so far. Our girlfriends and parents have been keeping us alive for almost 2 years now. We are now in full fundraising mode. We have a clear path to growth and once we hit our tipping point we know exactly how we're going to make money. :D
@gregstorm Also forgot to mention we're a team of 3 cofounders.
@chris_carmichael 🚀🙏🚀🙏🚀🙏🚀🙏
@gregstorm @chris_carmichael I'm a noob in making money from apps like this. Can you please give me (and others) a hint on what is the plan for making money in this kind of apps (mostly free and social/content based)?
It's easy to use