Chatbot to receive alerts for unusual crypto market activity

Bitnary is the only free chatbot in the crypto-market designed to track unusual trade activity and notify you!

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Hey PH Community, Amit from the Bitnary team here. Bitnary is a new free-to-use Chatbot that scans the cryptocurrency trading markets for unusual technical triggers and alerts you on the same. We have created the app as a regular messaging chatbot so you can interact with it using the menu options + your keyboard. We support 20+ exchanges and will be adding more shortly! A couple pro tips: - Check out the 'Supported Coins' using the in-app menu if we support the coins you want to track. - Using the 'My Subscriptions' menu, we have made it easier to unsubscribe from individual coin alerts. - You will be receiving notifications every 60 minutes (if we identify an unusual market activity). - The bot will also send you icons (up signal and down signal) to easily help you identify what's happening in the market. - You can create custom coin-pair / exchange alerts (as long as we support it :-)) - No need to install any new apps; use your favorite social apps and enjoy a login free experience! We'd love to get some feedback and I'm happy to answer any questions!
Announcing the launch of our Facebook Messenger chatbot. Do check it out- Helping you maximize your profits! #bitnary #cryptocurrency #Messenger #Messengerbot #chatbots #bitcoin #btc #fintech #startup
Why no support for SMS?
@cleggskie Based on our research, our primary user base is used to social media channels for crypto trading news alerts. I never thought of SMS as a platform, but it definitely is cost intensive. Since we are bootstrapped currently, it won't be a feasible option. If we can find enough traction for SMS will definitely consider in the future. Thanks for asking.. Hope you checked out the product. Feel free to share any more feedback. Will be happy to respond!