Bitmovin HTML5 Player v7

Server side ads, custom adaptation, new skin and 360° on iOS

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Hi PHers! Bitmovin has just release Version 7 of our successful HTML5 Video Player and it is better than ever! Experience HLS Live and VoD 360º playback on all devices and monetize your content more efficiently with server side ad insertion, in Bitmovin’s 7th major player release. A new skin with new possibilities for customization, improved performance and the possibility to apply custom adaptation decisions, make our HTML5 Player version 7 faster and more versatile than ever! We're super excited to make great video streaming easier. Would love to answer any of your questions. Thanks for checking it out! Exclusive Offer: By the way, all product hunters who sign up today will get 1 month free membership of our professional plan ($ 149 worth). -Stefan
@slederer looks great, server side ads is a huge deal as more developers start serving video in their iOS and tvOS apps and want to be sure those views get monetized.