Bitmoji Keyboard

Your own personal emoji,w/ your fave designer outfits

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Bitmoji has become a daily habit for millions of people and they've developed a special bond with their avatars as a result. As this bond deepens we've seen an increasing frequency of requests for outfits that more closely match people's real-world fashion sense. With this nearly universal request in mind, we decided to partner with the world's top fashion designers to further the bond between humans and their virtual counterparts. So now if you're feeling chill you can toss on jeans and a cashmere sweater from Joie, or the latest couture from Alexander McQueen if you're hitting the town. From a design standpoint we tried to remain faithful to the real-world experience of checking out an online shop or trying on clothes at a brick-and-mortar boutique. We've translated this everyday experience into a simple catalog view which drills into a fun and immersive fitting room where you can see the outfits in full detail.
From our CEO Jacob Blackstock: "The way tech is going, we’re living more and more of our lives in the digital world, and the more we represent ourselves and express ourselves digitally, the more personal style becomes an important aspect of the tech we’re using. In real life, you express yourself through the clothes you wear, and with Bitmoji we’re bringing that kind of expression into your digital life.”
@georgebones @dorianbitstrips @mattgrantham - Can you tell us a bit of background around why you built this 😆