Bitmoji lets you have fun by creating a personal emoji. Start with the creation of your avatar and then use your Bitmoji on Snapchat to chat your friends.

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This looks super fun. I've been wondering how Snapchat would integrate Bitmoji and it looks like they have done three key things: 1. Login with Snapchat. New Bitmoji users can now login with Snapchat and instantly link the two accounts. This could be really big if Snapchat continues to let other apps integrate with them. 2. Stickers. You can use Bitmojis as stickers in your Snaps. 3. Friendmoji. If you and a friend have both set up Bitmoji in Snapchat, you'll see "frienmojis" that include both of you when you send them a chat or reply to their Snap.
I have been using this for the past couple of days and I think it's a big feature. Snapchat is able to create custom stickers using the avatar of both parties in the chat. I suspect we're going to see these avatars everywhere...